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How do racing pigeons navigate?
Racing pigeons can navigate over unbelievable distances. Close to the home roost the racing pigeon navigates by sight. Near their home lofts, in areas they are familiar with, race pigeons mostly likely are guided by visual landmarks. But navigation at distances much further away from "home base" is done by "sensing" the magnetic fields of the Earth. It is not know HOW race pigeons can do this, but it DOES work very well.

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Soontjes blood line

1989: K.B.D.B speed ace group the champions.

1988: K.B.D.B speed ace group the runners-up.


Racing Pigeons

The homing pigeon is a type of domesticated Rock Pigeon that has been bred for very long distance flight to a specific destination.

This innate homing skill means that it will repeatedly return to its own nest and mate.

Flight distances up to 1800 km have been observed by competition racing pigeons.

The average speed of flight over intermediate distances is close to 50 miles per hours, with the ability to accelerate up to 75 miles per hour.

Homing pigeons also know as carrier pigeons can be used to courier message over long distances

Messenger pigeons, also known as Carrier pigeons, were used as early as 1150 in the Middle East. Early use of  homing pigeons as communication between watch towers has been uncovered.